Platform Training/

Build precision into your dog's performance

Platform Training

Put your dog on a pedestal (or in this case a side table) with platform training.

Platform Training:

Platform training is a great way to teach your dog body awareness and train precision positions for activities such as obedience, rally and dog sports.

What is a platform? It is simply a raised surface that your dog is trained to stand on. Different platform shapes, sizes and positioning can help with specific training needs. The platform gives both the dog and handler a visual cue, guiding the dog toward a particular position or movement. The handler uses the platform to train a behaviour and after establishing the desired behavior fades out platform use.

Students will make their own training platforms. Students will be given platform building instructions in advance of class and bring their newly built platform to the first class.

What you will accomplish...
  • Build your dog’s attention duration
  • Extend and solidify stays
  • Develop distance responses

Prerequisite: The handler must have good control of the dog. The dog must be non-aggressive and able to work well off leash. Obedience training (beyond basic) is recommended.

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