Scent Hurdle/

A team sport that involves jumping and sniffing

Scent Hurdle

Dogs need to concentrate in a frantic setting.

Scent Hurdle:

This class will introduce your dog to the game of Scent Hurdling, a.k.a. “the thinking dog’s flyball.” It is a relay race with four dogs per team. Each handler scents their own dumbbell which is placed with three other dumbbells on the Dumbbell Box. Each dog takes a turn, jumping four hurdles on the way to the Dumbbell Box, finding the dumbbell with their owner’s scent, and bringing it back over the jumps before the next dog takes its turn. The fastest team wins.

There’s an additional cost of about $40 for a set of 4 scent hurdling dumbbells, unless you can beg, borrow or steal a set from someone else.

What you will accomplish...
  • Enable your dog to differentiate your scent from other scents
  • Teach your dog to go from you and return over the hurdles
  • Have your dog bring your dumbbell back over the hurdles
  • Work with the distraction of the other dogs running.

Prerequisite: The dog must be at least one year old and have...

  • a consistent retrieve on the flat behaviour
  • an excellent recall despite distractions of other dogs and activity
  • the ability and focus to work off leash with other dogs running
  • the temperament to be held and handled by strangers

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