Urban Tracking Level 1/

Learn the basics of search and rescue tracking

Urban Tracking Level 1

Tracking dogs lead the handler, not the other way around.

Urban Tracking Level 1:

In Urban Tracking, you follow your dog as it trails the scent, left by a person who walked through a park or school yard, to find the articles dropped by that person. All dogs can detect scent, but training will focus and refine the scenting skill of the dog to follow very specific scents. Tracking is one of the few dog activities where the dog gives the directions; you follow your dog using a 30 foot leash.

Each week, the instructor presents new scenting situations and, in the course of that week, you practice in order to be ready for the following week’s progression. If you and your dog like to be outside in all weather and you want to discover the wonderful ability of a dog’s scenting skill, then this class is for you! This class takes place in various locations in Etobicoke.

You will need to have a long line and harness for the class. BUT please wait until after the first lesson to purchase them as they need to be of the correct type.

Incidental tracking articles may be purchased for about $10.

What you will accomplish...
  • Gain greater skill in reading your dog’s body language
  • Develop skill in handling the long line
  • Teach your dog to indicate when it finds an article
  • Learn how to negotiate obstacles such as stairs, roads and parked cars
  • Your dog learns to follow human scent as it changes from one surface type to another (e.g. grass to asphalt, etc.)

Prerequisite: An obedience class at any level and...

  • your dog must be in good physical condition
  • your dog must be at least six months of age

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