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Get active and have fun with your dog

Stop playing with your electronic gizmo, and do something real!

You think your dog wants to lie on the floor watching you update your Facebook profile? Of course not! Your dog wants to be out in the world doing fun and interesting things with you. Break out of your electronic stupor and do yourself a favour: Sign up for one (or better still) a variety of our exciting events. You will not believe how fun you can have with your dog.

Barn Hunt

Save the date:
Saturday September 7, 2019
Sunday September 8, 2019
Location: Terra Cotta, Ontario

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Obedience Trials

Save the date:
Saturday May 25, 2019
Sunday May 26, 2019
Location: Georgetown, Ontario

Sorry, event concluded

CGN Test

Get your dog's
Canine Good Neighbour title
Details coming in 2019
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Details coming soon

Barn Hunt Workshop

Event dates pending
Stay tuned!
Location: Terra Cotta, Ontario

Details coming soon

What is barn hunt?

For hundreds of years itinerant ‘rat catchers’ travelled the countryside ridding barns and properties of vermin, thus helping to conserve food grains and prevent disease. The Barn Hunt Association has created a sanctioned sport based on this traditional dog work for all dogs, not just terriers. In this new sport, dogs locate rats (safely enclosed in aerated tubes) hidden in a straw/hay bale maze. It will test your dog’s scenting ability, speed, agility and sure-footedness. Open to any and all dogs who can fit through an 18" wide by approx 20-22" high tunnel made of straw or hay bales.

info on our 2019 barn hunt now released

Our Barn Hunt trial will be returning in the fall of 2019. Barn hunters will again will be delighted with spectacular prizes and exciting initiatives which have become something of a trademark for us. We will be bringing back the giant tent to keep our competitors and spectators warm and dry. Click here for the 2019 Barn Hunt Premium List!


2019 spring obedience trials - event concluded

Our 2019 Obedience and Rally-Obedience trials were a great success. Thanks to all who entered. Congratulations to all who earned legs and titles. See you next year!

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