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Beginner Obedience Level 2

Beginner Obedience Level 2

Perfecting essential skills and laying the foundation for advanced work

Frank and CJ demonstrate a "sit" during a Canine Good Neighbor evaluation.

Obedience Level 2:

This class builds further on your dog’s basic obedience skills. Work on proofing stays, recalls, introduction of heeling and other exercises. Distraction training will help you gain greater control with your dog. Instructors are available for help with individual problems.

6 foot leash is required for this class. Please bring your own leash and a ton of treats.

What you will accomplish...
  • Build heel position awareness
  • Learn to shape behaviours
  • Improve loose leash and figure 8 heeling
  • Sit for examination
  • Stand for examination
  • Extended sit and down stays
  • Recall from a stay position
  • Address general behavioural issues and manners

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Obedience Level 1 and instructor recommendation.

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