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Obedience Correction Match

Obedience Correction Match

A series of weekly matches to get you trial ready

Your dog will experience a trial simulation but with the opportunity for more rewards

Obedience Correction Match:

The adage "practice makes perfect" applies to dog obedience training as much as anything. Our weekly correction match will help you get the "trial jitters" out of your dog, and YOU.

Seasoned dog trainers often smile when they hear students lament "... but my dog did everything perfectly at home. I don't understand why he isn't doing it in class!" Then later... "my dog did everything perfectly in class--but flunked every exercise at the trial." That's because dog training is situational. Dogs can be obedient in one situation but not others. The more situations, meaning locations and distractions, your dog becomes accustomed to, the more reliably he will be "trained."

The same goes with handlers. Many people fall apart at trials. They start acting weird. The dog senses panic on the end of the leash and it all goes downhill from there.

Hence our Correction Match class. We try and replicate a real trial as faithfully as possible, but in an environment where you are in control. Since your dog is accustomed to our training venue... we hold this class elsewhere. Repeating classes, ad infinitum, in the same venue has little practical value. The idea is to simulate trial conditions enough to convince your dog this is "the real deal" so you can fix problems and build confidence.

Participants will also act as ring stewards (where needed) and critique other students' performances.

Bring training equipment and paraphernalia you usually have at a trial. The better you replicate a real trial scenario the more useful this class will be for you and your dog.

Yes, practice makes perfect, but the right sort of practice can accelerate your success.

What you will accomplish...
  • Complete a run-though in one of the following classes (your choice):
    • Novice
    • Open
    • Utility
  • Correct errors you and your dog make in a controlled environment
  • Create a consistent warm up routine for your dog
  • Prevent your dog from becoming "ring wise"
  • Watch other students and critique performances
  • Practice various trial steward roles
  • Build confidence!

Prerequisite: Successful completion of corresponding obedience class (Novice/Open/Utility)

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