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Open Class (CDX)

Open Class (CDX)

Advanced competitive obedience work and the CKC Companion Dog Excellent title

Training for the Retrieve over high jump is a fun part of the Open exercises.

Open Class (CDX):

It’s time to take on an excellent challenge! These classes are for the dog and handler who have accomplished all the requirements and training for the CKC Companion Dog (CD) title and wish to advance to the Open exercises and the Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title.

If you have mastered Novice this is only one step up the performance ladder.

A wood or nylon dumbbell and a 4 to 6 foot leash is required for this class. Limited numbers/sizes of dumbbells may be available for purchase. Bring your own leash or, if you wish, leather leashes will be available for purchase at the class.

What you will accomplish...
  • Enhance straight off-lead heeling pattern
  • Off-lead figure 8
  • Drop on recall
  • Acceptance of a dumbbell
  • Retrieve dumbbell on flat
  • Retrieve dumbbell over high jump
  • Broad jump
  • Long sit stay with handler out-of-sight
  • Long down stay with handler out-of-sight

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Novice and/or instructor recommendation. The handler must have trial experience.

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