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Utility (UD)

Utility (UD)

The Mount Everest of dog obedience achievement

This dog is deciding which dumbell he should pick up and return to his handler.

Utility (UD):

If you are itching for a challenge and want to take your dog to the summit of obedience achievement, Utility is the title you must pursue. Not for the faint of heart, Utility, sometimes sardonically referred to as "Futility," can be incredibly gratifying when you and your dog finally ace it.

The CKC confers the coveted Obedience Trial Championship title (O.T.Ch.) on dogs who are able to successfully pass Utility. Only a tiny fraction of dogs take on the challenge and achieve the honour.

This class affords participants the opportunity to introduce and practice the exercises required to complete the CKC Utility Dog obedience title. Class participants can use this time to proof specific exercises, receiving feedback from the instructor.

A seek back article (typically a leather glove) and scent articles (wood, leather and metal objects) are required for this class.

What you will work on...
  • Seek back
  • Scent discrimination
  • Signal exercise: heel/stand/stay/down/sit/come/finish
  • Moving stand
  • Directed jumping

Prerequisite: The dog must be at least one year old and have good Open skills. The handler must have trial experience.

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