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Rally-Obedience Advanced (RA)

Rally-Obedience Advanced (RA)

Learn tricks to succeed at the advanced and excellent levels

Rally-Obedience Advanced (RA):

Building off of Rally-Obedience Novice class, this course covers the instruction of signs up to #124. This class will work toward ensuring behavourls are "faultless" and that they can be performed both on and off leash.

This class of competition is still supposed to be fun and accessible to dogs and handlers. It is a sport in which a communication between the two is encouraged.

After completing this course, a dog and handler team should have the resources to compete and do well in both Intermediate (RI) and Advanced (RA) Rally-Obedience trials.

The CKC’s Rally-O Advanced trials are performed off lead, using 12-20 of a few dozen possible exercises.

What you will accomplish...
  • Review general Rally-O guidelines and etiquette
  • Understand CKC Rally-O Advanced and Excellent level signs
  • Learn how other associations (such as CARO) differ from the CKC
  • Develop approaches for specific signs
  • Get training tips on time reduction and execution of moves
  • Motivate your dog for optimal performance
  • Refine your dog's precision

Prerequisite: Handler has completed Rally-Obedience 1 with any dog in the past. Satisfactory off-leash heeling is required.

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