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Rally-Obedience Masters (RM)

Rally-Obedience Masters (RM)

A fun and easy sport for you and your dog

Something to smile about: You and your dog will succeed at Rally-O.

Rally-Obedience Masters (RM):

Rally-Obedience (also known as Rally or Rally-O) is a dog sport based on obedience. What started as puppy prep for obedience levels (like the CD) has become a sport of its own.

The Rally Masters course consists of 15 to 20 stations where something akin to road signs instruct the handler what to do at each station. Sometimes the excercises resemble the sits and heeling you would see in competitive obedience; more often than not they ask that you complete a wider range of turns and behaviours at one station. Unlike traditional obedience, handlers may encourage and praise their dogs on the field. most Masters Rally runs take a minimum of 5 minutes of focused attention from both dog and handler.

The Rally Masters Class works to fine tune your ability to work with your dog to help you achieve this coveted title.

What you will accomplish...
  • Learn general Rally-O guidelines and etiquette
  • Understand CKC Rally-O Masters level signs
  • Develop approaches for specific signs
  • Get training tips on time reduction and execution of moves
  • Motivate your dog for optimal performance

Prerequisite: Teacher recomendation, experience training off leash at the Rally Excellent level, or experience trialing.

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