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Scent Detection Level 2

Scent Detection Level 2

Challenge your dog with some serious nose work

Take your dog's sniffing prowess to the next level.

Scent Detection Level 2:

Now that you have taught your dog that sniffing for those essential oils is fun, you can expand the types of searches and the level of difficulty!

This awesome new sport was inspired by the training of scent detection canines for the police and military. It is open to all dogs: Purebred and mixed-breeds.

Only one dog-handler team works on the floor at one time.

There’s an additional $5 cost for training supplies.

What you will accomplish...
  • Further develop your dog’s ability to identify the legal natural essential oils
  • You will improve on reading your dog’s body language and leash handling
  • Do a container search of 16 boxes with distractions
  • Conduct interior searches and exterior searches (weather permitting)
  • Begin an Alert behavior

Prerequisite: Sport Scent Detection 1 and/or instructor recommendation.

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