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Scent Detection Level 3 and 4

Scent Detection Level 3 and 4

Prepare for your Excellent and Elite detection trial

Watch this doberman work a container search off leash

Scent Detection Level 3 and 4:

Now that your dog has caught on to the game, you can push the envelope even further! Focus will be on exterior and vehicle searches which will be weather dependent. You will learn how the environment (temperature, humidity, wind, sun) affects the odours. If the weather is very inclement more challenging interior searches will be taught.

This awesome new sport was inspired by the training of scent detection canines for the police and military. It is open to all dogs: Purebred and mixed-breeds.

This course is designed to prepare your dog for Started Level SDDA trials. Only one dog-handler team works at one time. Dogs must be comfortable being crated or staying alone on a mat while not searching or while setting up your searches. They may also be crated in your car depending on the search location and weather.

What you will accomplish...
  • Further develop your dog’s ability to identify the (legal, please) natural essential oils
  • You will improve on reading your dog’s body language and leash handling
  • Do exterior searches in varied locations
  • Learn the principles of vehicle and exterior searches
  • If weather is harsh, conduct more challenging interior searches, learning to cover the room in a systematic way
  • Introduce the concept of multiple “hides” and add increasingly difficult distractions
  • Fine tune your handling skills

Prerequisite: Sport Scent Detection 2 and/or instructor recommendation.

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