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Dog Sports Intro

Dog Sports Intro

Skills you need for a future in Agility or CARO working class

This is like gym class for dogs and you.

Dog Sports Intro:

Are you interested in pursuing other dog sports such as Agility or CARO working class? Join us to learn foundation skills, using fun activities, to move on to the next adventures with your dog.

Wear comfortable shoes, and bear in mind, you may experience a mild workout.

What you will accomplish...
  • Build a strong connection between you and your canine partner
  • Develop a think-plan-do strategy
  • Learn to "shape" your dog’s behaviours
  • Develop canine body awareness through activities such as perch work and core exercises
  • Try some Agility obstacles
  • Develop foundations for working at a distance

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Obedience Level 2 or instructor recommendation. The dog must have off-leash control and a good recall.

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