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The Swansea Dog Obedience Club (SDOC) is a not-for-profit volunteer club. Members of the Club volunteer their time to promote responsible dog ownership through class instruction, seminars, obedience trials, agility competitions, and pet visitations to seniors’ residences. Some specific examples of the roles our Members take on can be viewed here.

The Swansea Dog Obedience Club is an officially accredited club of the Canadian Kennel Club. This recognition allows SDOC to hold CKC approved Obedience events (obedience trials, etc.). We also have our Constitution and By-laws approved and on file with the CKC.

Since 1974, SDOC has successfully instructed thousands of dogs and their owners in puppy, basic obedience, competitive obedience, Rally-O and Agility classes. At Swansea, positive motivation, praise and reinforcement are combined to enable every dog to reach its full potential as a well behaved companion or a participant in competitions.

Membership perks

SDOC membership offers many benefits for the active dog enthusiast: If you enjoy the fun, challenge and achievement that comes from interacting with your dog, then membership in the Swansea Dog Obedience Club will appeal to you! As a SDOC member, you’ll enjoy:

• Attending Club general meetings and social events with other SDOC members.

• Eligibility for SDOC awards.

• Access to exclusive member-only classes.

• Reduced SDOC class fees.

• Receiving the SDOC newsletter, the Doggie Doodle.

• Attending community events with your dog to represent SDOC and perform obedience demonstrations.

• Interacting with people who share an enthusiasm for learning and participating with their dogs in dog sports, obedience and other canine-related activities.

• Fashionable Club golf shirt you can show off while walking your (well trained) dog.

• And much more...

Are you Eligible?

To join the Club, you must have completed two training courses of any discipline with SDOC within the last 2 years. You’ll also demonstrate an interest in Club activities (such as helping at Club events or trials) and commit to participating in them on an ongoing basis. View a list of potential volunteer opportunities here.

Apply Now

Referencing the volunteer participation page here, fill out the first 2 pages of the membership application form. Once you have completed the form, ask your two sponsors to sign it, and then provide payment as instructed on the application to

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If you cannot print out the form call or email us at for a hard copy and we will mail it to you.

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